Whey protein is a convenient way of adding more high-quality protein to your diet.

  • Whey protein, as part of a higher protein diet, may help increase satiety — so you feel fuller with fewer calories — which can help curb snacking or overeating. Research shows that calorie for calorie, consuming protein can increase the feeling of fullness more than carbohydrates or fat, and diets higher in protein have been shown to help people eat fewer calories.
  • A simple way to increase protein intake is by enjoying snacks and other foods with whey protein, as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. Try grabbing a snack that contains whey protein, drinking beverages with whey protein, or dropping a scoop of whey protein powder into your milk, yogurt, cereal or smoothies for an added boost.
  • Whey protein is compatible with a higher protein diet because it provides high-quality protein without being a significant source of carbohydrates and fat.

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