Whey protein can be incorporated into the diet to improve body composition, strength and power without large gains in body mass. Many people can benefit from adding whey protein to their diet:

  • Healthy, active adults: Adults who partake in regular resistance exercise may find that whey protein helps to improve body composition by helping increase the rate at which the body makes lean muscle. Ingestion of 20 grams of whey protein increases protein synthesis when consumed before or after resistance exercise.
  • Those trying to manage their weight: Diets high in protein have been shown to help people feel fuller longer, which may reduce the desire to snack or overeat, leading to decreased caloric intake. Higher-protein, reduced-calorie diets also have been shown to improve the quality of weight loss by increasing the loss of body fat and/or reducing the loss of lean muscle.
  • An aging population: Starting at about the age of 40, many adults experience an age-related loss of muscle mass, function and strength — a condition referred to as sarcopenia. Exercise and increasing your protein intake, such as including whey protein at each meal, can be an easy and healthy way to prevent or slow this loss.

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