If you have a New Year’s resolution to work out more or adopt a healthier diet, then you should really consider whey protein. There are a wide variety of benefits that whey protein offers for people looking to obtain valuable nutrients in an efficient package. Some high-quality whey protein isolates carry no sugar or fat and are fewer than 100 calories per serving, providing the amino acids your body needs without unneeded additives.

How whey protein helps athletes: Chris Freytag, a weight training expert, recently wrote an article titled, “How To Choose The Right Protein Powder For You.” Freytag states that whey protein is her top choice after workouts because it “is a fast-absorbing protein that supports lean muscle mass. It can be used any time of day but is known as being the best post-workout choice.”

So, if you want to build muscle after workouts or recover from exercise quicker in 2016 then consuming whey protein could really give you an extra boost.

How whey protein helps dieters: Whey protein is a valuable tool for people looking to eat healthier because it can easily be added to a wide variety of foods to make them more nutritious and filling. We have a list of usage ideas on our website that includes mixing whey protein with baked goods, hot cereal, comfort foods and more.

Whey protein, without a doubt, is an indispensable resource to just about anyone looking to become healthier in 2016!

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