Does watching the big game motivate you to stay fit? Try adding whey protein to your game day snack! #WorldCup

Whey protein is a high-quality, complete protein naturally found in dairy. Whey protein can be added to your favorite foods and recipes for an extra protein boost.

Try these tips for adding whey protein powder:

  • Add as an ingredient in baked goods
  • Include in dips and hummus
  • Stir into hot cereal or creamy soups and sauces
  • Add to favorite comfort food recipes including mashed potatoes, pasta sauces and macaroni and cheese
  • Mix into fruit and vegetable juices
  • Add to milk or chocolate milk
  • Stir into water, coffee or tea
  • Add to retail bakery mixes including cake, quick breads and brownies
  • Stir into hot, not boiling, foods immediately after cooking

Bonus Tip

Unflavored whey protein will not affect the flavor of favorite recipes.


Whey Protein Institute is your source for whey protein nutrition facts and tips.