Parents have been trying to make Halloween a healthier holiday for years.  Some people hand out apples instead of candy and others avoid edible goods altogether by giving trick-or-treaters little toys or even coupons. But let’s be honest: Children that go trick-or-treating expect to get their hands on some candy every October 31st.

With that in mind, keeping your kids happy and healthy on Halloween isn’t always easy. So, here are three tips that can help you make this Halloween both fun and a little healthier than usual.

1)    Cook a large dinner. People who eat a filling dinner before going to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating will be less tempted to overeat later when piles of assorted sweets are at their fingertips.

“Consider having your kids eat something healthy before they go out so they aren’t tempted to eat the candy along the way,” Vandana Sheth, a registered dietitian, told Time Magazine.

2)    Make trick-or-treating a fun exercise. The same Time Magazine article pointed to pedometers and other wearable fitness devices as great tools that can help children be more active on Halloween. Have each child wear a device and then make it a competition to see who can take the most steps before trick-or-treating ends.

3)    Bake some sweets that taste great and still carry nutritional value.

One way to appease trick-or-treaters this year but also help keep the candy you give out healthy is by making a scrumptious protein-packed concoction yourself. Whey protein isolate is great for muscle health, mixes well with many ingredients and can even make people feel fuller – limiting the amount of candy consumption along the way. This chocolate peanut butter protein bar recipe is a great option because it contains three scoops of whey protein but also carries sweet ingredients kids love like chocolate and honey. 

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