As you may have noticed, the 2012 Olympics are under way! Take a sneak peak at what some of our, USA Olympians are eating to fuel up before, during and after the games. Spoiler alert, there is lots of lean protein on the menu! 

Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber, USA Gymnastics

The girls are piling their plates with lean proteins, such as chicken and fish, and tons of produce. Unlike many girls their age, they avoid sugary beverages.  

John Orozco, USA Gymnastics

Starts his day with a big bang breakfast, including protein packed eggs, non-fat greek yogurt and the good carbs, fresh fruits and whole wheat bread.

Heather Mitts, USA Soccer

After each workout Heather indulges in a glass of chocolate milk, containing the perfect blend of protein and carbohydrates for recovery.

(Whey Protein Institute at home tips: We recommend adding a scoop of whey protein to your glass of chocolate milk for an extra protein punch!)

 Gwen Jorgensen, USA Triathlon

Gwen’s favorite way to fuel her body is with a protein smoothie. Her favorite recipe blends banana, pineapple, berries, flax seed, peanut butter, almond milk, and whey protein! Go Gwen!

Tim Morehouse, USA Fencing

After winning the Silver medal in Beijing and realizing his diet may not have been the healthiest, Tim did a diet overall. He currently enjoys three deliveries of Bistro MD a day.

Susan Francia and Giuseppe Lanzone, USA Rowing

Susan’s diet consists of about 4,000 calories per day. Her favorite way to fuel up before the Olympics is sushi and quinoa.  

With an intense training program Giuseppe’s diet consists of about 4,500 to 7,000 calories per day, which means lots of protein shakes and Power Bar’s®.


Information provided by Joy Bauer, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist at Today Health.