Benefits of Whey Protein

There are numerous health benefits of Whey Protein, an excellent source of protein for individuals of all ages who value the role of a healthy lifestyle:

Weight Management

A reduced calorie, higher protein diet including whey protein may improve the quality of weight loss by helping you lose more fat and/or maintain more lean muscle. Calorie for calorie, whey protein can help people feel full longer than carbohydrates or fats, while burning more calories in the process. Read more.


Consuming a diet including whey protein helps to promote strong immunity and protect the health of active individuals. Whey protein is a source of high-quality protein with all the essential amino acids required for good health. Read more.

Exercise Recovery

Consuming whey protein and performing resistance exercise regularly can help build more lean muscle than resistance training alone or resistance training combined with carbohydrate consumption. Consuming whey protein after exercise helps to build and repair muscle. Read more.

Healthy Aging

Emerging research shows older Americans may be able to reduce age-related decline of muscle mass by engaging in resistance training and consuming higher than Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein. Read more.