What is it?
A gluten-free diet means that you've removed all gluten-containing products from your daily dietary regimen. Gluten is a wheat protein derived from wheat sources. Milk proteins, such as whey, do not contain any wheat-derived sources, and thus is naturally a gluten-free option. Those with diagnosed Celiac Disease should adopt a gluten-free diet for better maintenance of their symptoms. As it currently stands in the literature today, those with diagnosed Celiac Disease are the only who benefit from adopting a gluten-free diet. 

Celiac Disease is estimated to affect 1% of the worldwide population. 

Signs & Symptoms 
- Chronic Diarrhea 
- Malnutrition
- Chronic Fatigue
- Unexplained Weight Loss/Gain

Can I Still Have Whey Protein if i'm Gluten-Free?
Yes, whey protein is a naturally occurring gluten-free source of protein. 

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