Aging / Sarcopenia

Dietary Protein to Support Active Aging
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Amino Acid Absorption & Subsequent Muscle Protein Accretion Following Graded Intakes of Whey Protein in Elderly Men
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Leucine Supplementation Enhances Integrative Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis in Free-Living Older Men Consuming Lower & Higher-Protein Diets: A Parallel-Group Crossover Study
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Stay Jacked As You Age: Lift & Eat Protein Before Bed
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The Role of Dietary Protein Intake in The Prevention of Sarcopenia & Aging 
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Nutrition's Role in Sarcopenia Prevention
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Protein Intake and Exercise For Optimal Muscle Function With Aging: Recommendations From The ESPEN Expert Group
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Protein's Role in Active & Healthful Aging 

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Whey protein lent healthy ageing opportunity with new research: Vocals (Adobe pdf 543kb)

The whey to help seniors with muscle loss (Adobe pdf 138kb)
Functional Ingredients

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